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Beauty in the little things we see and do!

An originally from the USA I moved to Holland a few years back with my adorable dog. Since then we have come to really love the Dutch Summers.

The photos you see are taken by myself and with little editing.  Together with my Nikon Digital Camera I hope to share unique places throughout my travels and maybe sometimes from a little different perspective.

Contact scpWholesale today and "let's get cooking" on acheiving your vision! With options such as media print, licensing and general availablity for your special requests or project needs. 

All photos on social media channels, websites, catalogs and other links are copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or manipulated without my and SCPhotography's explicit permission.


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Print and online delivery options are available here.



Currently offering a selection of products for sale. These products include photo sales on various print mediums.

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Do you have an extrodinarily special project that ordinary print methods just won't do? Then licensing might be the right option for your project.

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Visit the Contact page to discover the possibilites of special requests.

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